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Pharmaceutical Door

Chem-Pruf’s FRP Pharmaceutical Door is a smart addition to any facility requiring a sterile environment. This tough, hygienic door is completely seamless, eliminating cracks, seams, and gaps where bacteria can hide. The smooth glossy gelcoat finish, one-piece construction, and molded-in pharmaceutical window makes the Chem-Pruf FRP door the ideal choice for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities. Plus, Chem-Pruf’s FRP doors comply with NIH Standards and when desired are available with up to 90 minute UL label for fire rating.

Door Panel – The Pharmaceutical Doors are 1-3/4” thick and are manufactured using a specifically tailored resin that resists contaminants typically found in pharmaceutical/cleanroom environments. The seamless construction eliminates crevices, gaps, seams and other areas where potential bacteria buildup can occur. The FRP door can stand up to daily washdowns and rigorous cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Gelcoat – The surface of an FRP door is the most visible and in many ways the most important element in the defense against corrosion. 25 mil resin-rich gelcoat of the specified color is integrally molded in at the time of manufacture resulting in a smooth gloss surface that is dense and non-porous. The door will never rust, corrode nor need to be painted.

Plates – Measuring 0.125 inch thick and weighing 1.0 Ib/ft², Chem-Pruf door plates are by far the strongest in the industry. The plates are hand laid and integrally molded in one continuous piece using high-quality resins tailored to the specific environment.

Monolithic Stile and Rail – The plates and core bond to a one-piece cast-in-place stile and rail system, forming a continuous seamless solid edge with no mitered corners, so no dirt, bacteria or moisture can penetrate.

Core – For superior strength and durability, the interior core is filled with a polypropylene honeycomb core with a non-woven polyester veil or a polyisocyanurate foam core, which completely fills all voids between the door plates. Mineral cores are available if the application requires a fire-rated door.

Bonding – Chem-Pruf has developed a proprietary bonding resin system to fuse the plates to the collar and core, creating one homogeneous, engineered structure that ensures the strongest interface possible. In this manner, there will be no separation or delamination – GUARANTEED.

Optional Window – Many window options are available including our patented pharmaceutical window that is completely sealed with no mechanical fasteners or ledges to harbor bacteria or standing water. Plus the window and window retainer match the FRP door in color and finish with 25 mils of resin-rich gelcoat integrally molded in. Other window retainers are available at the customer’s request. Please see our FRP accessory section.

Optional Accessories – Chem-Pruf fiberglass reinforced door accessories are designed and manufactured to complement all Chem-Pruf FRP doors and frames. FRP thresholds, astragals, and sweeps are also available in matching colors to complete protection against corrosive environments.

Optional Hardware – The world’s finest, corrosion-resistant fiberglass door system would not be complete without high-quality stainless steel hardware. Chem-Pruf maintains an inventory of top quality hardware from the country’s leading manufacturers. Our highly skilled and trained personnel can install the hardware of your choice for a turnkey door system that is ready to be hung at the job site.