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The Total Opening Solution

Simple Installation Process

Chem-Pruf’s preassembled fiberglass door systems are quick and easy to install. Two installers can center the door unit into the wall and bond it in place in about one-third of the normal installation time, saving time, money and labor!

The Complete Package

Chem-Pruf offers you the complete package: Doors, frames, windows and louvers, all with molded in color. The glazing and specified hardware (even electrical components) are factory installed by highly skilled and trained personnel experienced in working with fiberglass. Chem-Pruf’s strict quality control procedures ensure you get the product you deserve and saves time, money and labor by reducing the need for various trades at your job site, such as painters, glazers and hardware installers who may not be familiar with fiberglass.

Unitized Door Systems

Stop worrying about getting the frames to the job site in time for the construction of the walls and completely eliminate separate shipments of doors and frames. Chem-Pruf’s unique frame construction allows us to ship single doors fully assembled in the frame ready to slip into your opening. It couldn’t be easier. The installation of the door and frames can be one of the final steps before closing your structure, avoiding damage to the material during the construction phase. (Double doors are prehung to ensure a proper fit and that hardware functions properly, then broken down for shipping purposes.)

Individual Crating System

There is no need to search through assorted pallets and separate boxes of materials to install your doors. At Chem-Pruf, each door is securely placed in its own individual crate. All crates are clearly marked with the specific opening information for quick identification. Anchors, loose hardware items and instructions are boxed inside the crate. The doors remain completely protected until time of installation.

Unitized door after crate has been removed. Position the door into the opening. Shim if necessary.

Bond the frame in place and allow to cure.

Remove the straps and install anchors if desired.