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Sales Tax Exemption Policy

Considering the high level of tax payments that Phoenix Door Systems is not able to recoup retroactively on tax exemption certificates that are submitted after an order has been invoiced, we are implementing two new policies as follows.

Customer Set Up Maintenance

The customer will be required to provide tax exemption certificates for each statein which the customer is exempt to Phoenix Door Systems at the time of customer set up and regularly throughout their active customer status to maintain their sales tax exemption status. Sales tax exemption certificates must be sent to to be applied to the account properly.

Misapplied Tax at a Time of Quote or Order Acknowledgement

If the customer believes that their order should be tax exempt and tax has been applied to the quote or order, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the tax exemption certificates for each state in which the customer is exempt and quote/order reference number by responding to your customer service representative’s email and copying This will reduce the risk that sales taxes will be misapplied.

If sales tax is applied on an invoice because we do not have a sales tax exemption certification, our customer will be required to pay the applied sales tax on that invoice. If the invoice is short paid or not paid, the customer has the potential to be put on hold and/or sent to collections until the sales tax balance is paid.

Material Shortage and Freight Damage Policies

Material Shortage Claims

Phoenix Door Systems requires notification within 15 days of delivery to claim material shortage. This includes product, components, hardware, and accessories. If we are not notified within 15 days of delivery, invoices are expected to be paid in full and replacements and transportation costs associated with the replacements will be charged.

Freight/Transportation Damage

Freight/Transportation damage is defined in two ways:

•External – Visible as damage to the packaging
•Internal – Packaging is intact, but there is damage to the product inside the packaging

External Damage

To claim external damage, we must have photos of the damaged packaging and the damaged product. The claim must be reported within 5 days of receipt.

Internal Damage

We understand that projects may take time to complete, so the timing to report internal damage will depend on the shipment location of the product.

Warehouse shipments – claims must be filed within 30 days of delivery and assume that the doors have not been shipped again to a job site.

Job site shipments – claims must be filed within 5 days of delivery because of the uncontrolled environment of jobs sites.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

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