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Fiberglass vs. Galvanized Steel

Why Fiberglass is Best

  • Will NEVER rust. Completely sealed and impervious to the elements, it will maintain its integrity for the life of the product.
  • Resin-Rich gel coat color is molded into door, frame and accessories, NEVER needs painting. Available in any color.
  • Can be easily repaired in the field. Graffiti wipes right off.
  • Naturally friendly to the environment. Longevity, cleanliness, strength and stability make it a sound choice for a “green tomorrow” and beyond.
  • Perfect for new and existing construction. Every door is custom built to your exact dimensions without the custom charges.
  • Guaranteed for life to withstand any type of corrosive environment: saltwater, chemicals, detergents, chlorine, acids, humidity and more.

Why Galvanized Steel Is NOT

  • Rusts from the inside out. Once rust appears on the outside, the interior of the door has already been severely compromised, possibly causing health and security hazards.
  • Requires continuous maintenance. Will need to be painted at least once during its service life.
  • Ugly scratches and dents can never be removed.
  • Constant painting and replacement are detrimental to the environment. Over a 25 year period, as many as 10 doors could end up in a landfill.
  • Most manufacturers only offer standard sizes. Custom openings mean custom prices.
  • The standard warranty for a galvanized steel door is only 1 year against defects in workmanship and materials and will not cover failure due to corrosive environments.

Fiberglass Advantages

Install a Chem-Pruf door in your worst possible application. You will never buy another galvanized steel door again. We Guarantee It! The beautiful gloss finish is easy to repair, easy to maintain, and graffiti wipes clean! If you’re interested in custom designs and sizes, there are a variety of textures and molds available, and engineering requests are welcome! Fiberglass window frames come in many different styles, many sizes, and any color! So why not try one? Forget galvanized steel and go for fiberglass!