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Florida Building Code/Texas Department of Insurance

Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors systems are engineered and manufactured to withstand the most corrosive environments from saltwater, chemicals, detergents, chlorine, acid, to humidity and more. Every fiberglass door is custom manufactured to your exact requirements. Plus, with Chem-Pruf’s Total Opening Solution, installation is a snap, the FRP doors ship pre-assembled in individual crates ready to be hung.

Hurricane Rated -The FBC/TDI Hurricane Rated door has successfully tested to meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and the International Building Code (IBC) for hurricane rated openings. This product has been assigned Florida Product Approval Number FL26592 and TDI Approval TX-4834 through TX-4838. These requirements include meeting specific design pressures up to and including +/- 100 pounds per square foot and large missile impact resistance with no shutters required. These pressures can translate to protection from wind speeds in excess of 200 mph*.

Gelcoat -The skins for the door begin with the application of an “in mold” 25-30 mil gel coat. A connective tissue is formed with a chopped strand glass fiber mat, followed by a muscular bi-axial glass fiber structural reinforcement layer that further strengthens the door skins.

The composite skins are simultaneously fused onto both faces and all edges of the door under pressure until cured – not only to the FRP sub-frame but to the entire honeycomb core – forming a bond that fully integrates all components. This is a highly advanced method of assembly using press-mold technology.

Pultrusion Stile and Rail –The stile and rail construction starts with a phenolic impregnated kraft honeycomb core surrounded by a rigid high-modulus, pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame.

At each of the sealed corner joints and hardware locations of the sub-frame, non-hygroscopic polymer blocking is inserted as reinforcement, providing the ultimate in strength for screw retention and compression resistance.


  • Door faces 25-30 mil gelcoat with high gloss finish
  • Phenolic impregnated kraft honeycomb core
  • Door frames with high gloss urethane topcoat finish
  • Rigid high-modulus pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame
  • Non-hygroscopic polymer blocking hardware reinforcements

Options – Pultruded Frame and 864 inMaximum Hurricane Rated FRP Screwless Vision Lite Kit

FBC/TDI Certification Links

Also Available As

  • Single Outswing Non-Impact Series
  • Double Outswing Non-Impact Series
  • Double Outswing Non-Impact w/ Mullion Series
  • Single Outswing Impact Series
  • Double Outswing Impact Series