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Fire Rated Door

Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Fire Rated Doors

Chem-Pruf fiberglass fire-rated doors systems have been tested, approved and labeled for both neutral and positive pressure by Warnock-Hersey (WHI).

Neutral Pressure Fire Doors – Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Door Systems are approved for neutral/negative pressure and tested for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Chem-Pruf FRP door systems (door and frame) are labeled by Warnock-Hersey (WHI).

Positive Pressure Fire Doors – Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Door Systems are also approved for positive pressure and are tested for 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes with UBC 7-2-1997 and are labeled like our negative pressure doors. In addition, Chem-Pruf FRP door systems meet UL 10c NFPA 252.

Door Panel – The FRP fire-rated doors are 1-3/4” thick with flush, seamless construction and are manufactured using chemically proven fire retardant resins. Every Chem-Pruf product is custom manufactured to the highest manufacturing standards and strict quality control and are guaranteed for life against failure due to corrosion.

Gelcoat – Chem-Pruf’s molded-in gelcoat is the first line of defense against corrosion. The 25 mil of resin-rich gelcoat is equal to 50 – 60 coats of paint. The end result is a tough, low maintenance corrosion resistant door that never needs to be painted.

Plates – Measuring 0.125 inch thick and weighing 1.0 Ib/ft², Chem-Pruf door plates are by far the strongest in the industry. Once the gelcoat has been applied, these plates are hand laid and integrally molded in one continuous piece using high-quality resins tailored to the specific environment and approximately 5 ounces of glass per square foot. For maximum corrosion resistance, Chem-Pruf maintains a glass content between 25% and 35% yielding a glass-to-resin ratio of about 1:3.

Stile and Rail – The plates and core bond to a one-piece cast-in-place stile and rail system, forming a continuous seamless solid edge with no mitered corners, so no dirt, bacteria or moisture.

Core – The interior cavity of the FRP fire rated door is completely filled with a fire-resistant mineral core which is banded by a matrix of fire-resistant mineral and glass fiber material.

Bonding – Chem-Pruf has developed a proprietary bonding resin system to fuse the plates to the collar and core, creating one homogeneous, engineered structure that ensures the strongest interface possible. In this manner, there will be no separation or delamination – GUARANTEED.


  • Electrical raceways in U.L. 10c doors for electrical hardware.
  • Raised panel on 45-60 minute doors.
  • Full range of colors available.
  • Lite Kits.
  • Wall construction – (all types) from sheetrock to CMU.
  • Frame size – 4” and up.
  • Door and frame temperature rise – 250F.
  • UL approved Lite Kits
  • UL approved hardware