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In 1974, Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Door Company manufactured the world's first industrial Fiberglass Door System and Chem-Pruf is still the undisputed leader in the industry. Chem-Pruf corrosion resistant doors can weather many types of corrosive environments from chemical plants to pulp and paper mills to water and wastewater treatment, to coastal environments. Need a fire rated door, storm door or just a standard fiberglass door, maybe a custom gelcoat door color, pattern or design? Whatever the challenge, Chem-Pruf has the solution.

“Since 1968 I have built many projects in the Western United States. I have never seen a nicer commercial door. Not once has any of my orders from Chem-Pruf been incorrect or late. The doors, frames, and hardware have never required a service call on any of the many installations. Not even an adjustment. I will use Chem-Pruf doors for many years to come.”

Scott Shull, Project Manager
Terry Ray Construction

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