Original Monolithic Design Doors


Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other violent weather can produce winds in excess of 250mph, turning items like cars and trees into deadly projectiles. Chem-Pruf’s FEMA door can withstand these forces and have been tested and labeled in accordance with FEMA 320 / ICC 500 requirements for above ground storm shelters for design and construction. FEMA 320 states that swinging door assemblies should resist a static pressure of 1.37-psi for a 5-second period. The tornado test criterion uses 3 impacts of 15-lb. 2”x4” wood board traveling horizontally at 100-mph, which corresponds to a 250-mph wind. The ICC-500 requirement states that the pressure test load should include a safety factor of 1.2. This pressure relates to a 250 mph ground speed tornado and the door installed in Zones 4&5 per ASCE 7-05 for a corner zone with the negative pressures being greater than the positive pressures.

Gelcoat - Chem-Pruf engineers work directly with chemical manufacturers to create resin formulas to specifically match the conditions where FEMA doors are required. Class 1 premium resin is used to provide an impenetrable barrier against corrosive, chemical or environmental attack. Superior 25 mil molded gelcoat door finish is equal to 50 – 60 coats of paint and is integrally molded into every fiberglass door product.

Plates - Measuring 0.125 inch thick and weighing 1.0 Ib/ft², Chem-Pruf door plates are by far the strongest in the industry. The plate has 1.5 ounces per square foot of fiberglass mat and a layer of 18 ounces per square yard of fiberglass woven roving. The plates are hand laid and integrally molded in one continuous piece using high-quality resins tailored to the specific environment. The Chem-Pruf’s plate alone withstood the Large Missile Impact per FBC TAS 201.

Monolithic Stile and Rail - The plates and core bond to a one-piece cast-in-place stile and rail system, forming a continuous seamless solid edge with no mitered corners, so no dirt, bacteria or moisture.

Core - For superior strength and durability, the interior core is constructed of several layers of FRP reinforced plates made of a dense matrix of reinforced cloth glass fibers and premium resin.

Bonding - Chem-Pruf has developed a proprietary bonding resin system to fuse the plates to the collar and core, creating one homogeneous, engineered structure that ensures the strongest interface possible. In this manner, there will be no separation or delamination – GUARANTEED.

Optional Accessories – Contact Chem-Pruf for optional accessories available on FEMA doors.

Optional Hardware - The world’s finest, corrosion-resistant fiberglass door system would not be complete without high-quality stainless steel hardware. Chem-Pruf maintains an inventory of top quality hardware from the country’s leading manufacturers. Our highly skilled and trained personnel can install the hardware of your choice for a turnkey door system that is ready to be hung at the job site.

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