Many Water facilities such as sewage facilities and water supply facilities are faced with extreme corrosion every single day. Raw sewage being a source of hydrogen sulfide is a major producer of the sulfuric acid that causes corrosion of metallic components. Steel and other similar materials are especially susceptible to this form of corrosion. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors have been installed in this type of environment for years. They constantly come into contact with chlorine and other harsh chemicals and can be found in excellent condition year after year.

A few examples of Water and Wastewater include:

  • Water Supply Facilities
  • Waste Recycling
  • Sewage Treatment Facilites
  • Oder Control Facilites
  • Sludge Dewatering Facilities
  • Hydroelectric Plants


Why Chem-Pruf FRP Doors & Products?

  • Long life of product - most steel doors are only guaranteed for up to 18 months, Chem-Pruf doors are guaranteed for life against corrosion
  • Corrosion resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Molded in gel-coat means doors never have to be painted – EVER!
  • Easy to install and virtually maintenance free
  • Perfect for new and existing construction
  • Used in thousands of municipalities nationwide
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