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Chem-Pruf Hurricane/FBC Rated Doors

Chem-Pruf Storm Doors have received Florida Building Code (FBC), IBC and Texas Dept. of Insurance (TDI) approval for installation in high wind coastal conditions. All Storm Door models meet or exceed the standards set for large missile impact (ASTM-E1886/1996 missile level D), both positive and negative cycle pressure and wind load. From hotels along the beach to offshore oil platform to public facilities to marine transportation manufacturing Chem-Pruf has a fiberglass door that is designed to withstand the harsh weather that storms can bring. When required 90 minute UL label for fire rating is available.

Gelcoat - Chem-Pruf engineers work directly with chemical manufacturers to create resin formulas to specifically match the conditions where storm doors will be installed. Tailored resin means a Chem-Pruf door will provide years of corrosion-resistant service and will withstand corrosive salt air. Highly corrosive salt air begins to eat away at steel doors from the moment they are installed. Steel/hollow metal doors rust from the inside out. Once rust appears, the interior of the door has already been severely compromised, affecting overall structural integrity of the opening. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors resist corrosion, maintaining their beauty for years.

Plates - Measuring 0.125 inch thick and weighing 1.0 Ib/ft², Chem-Pruf door plates are by far the strongest in the industry. The plates are hand laid and integrally molded in one continuous piece using high quality resins tailored to the specific environment. Not only are these plates impervious to corrosive attack, they provide outstanding protection against impact caused by high wind debris. The Chem-Pruf’s plate alone withstood Large Missile Impact per FBC TAS 201

Stile and Rail - The plates and core bond to a one-piece cast in-place stile and rail system, forming a continuous seamless solid edge with no mitered corners, so no dirt, bacteria or moisture.

Core - For superior strength and durability, the interior core is filled with polypropylene honeycomb core with a non-woven polyester veil. Additional cores are available. 

Bonding - Chem-Pruf has developed a proprietary bonding resin system to fuse the plates to the collar and core, creating one homogeneous, engineered structure that ensures the strongest interface possible. In this manner, there will be no separation or delamination – GUARANTEED.

Optional Window - Many window options are available. Window glazing is 7/16” thick, laminated impact resistant with a 0.090 PVB interlayer.   

Optional Accessories - Chem-Pruf fiber reinforced door accessories are designed and manufactured to complement all Chem-Pruf FRP doors and frames. FRP thresholds, astragals, and sweeps are also available in matching colors to complete protection against corrosive environments.

Optional Hardware - The world’s finest, corrosion resistant fiberglass door system would not be complete without high quality stainless steel hardware. Chem-Pruf maintains an inventory of top quality hardware from the country’s leading manufacturers. Our highly skilled and trained personnel can install the hardware of your choice for a turnkey door system that is ready to be hung at the jobsite.