Chem-Pruf’s Pharmaceutical Door is a smart addition to any facility requiring a sterile environment. This tough, hygienic door is completely seamless, eliminating cracks, seams and gaps where bacteria can hide. The smooth glossy gelcoat finish, one piece construction and molded in pharmaceutical window makes the Chem-Pruf FRP door ideal choice for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities.

Why Chem-Pruf FRP Doors and Products?

  • Seamless construction eliminates potential bacteria build up
  • Superior 25 mil molded-in gelcoat finish is corrosion resistant and stands up to harsh chemicals used in daily washdowns
  • Solid, one piece frames eliminates voids that could allow contamination between the wall and frame
  • FDA accepted
  • Complies with NIH standards
  • Fire ratings and STC ratings available
  • Pharmaceutical window has no ledges to harbor bacteria or standing water and have no mechanical fasteners used to attached the window frame (retainer)
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