Military facilities present their own unique challenges from where they are located to what the facility contains. Whether it is highly sensitive equipment or research facilities that handle microbiological hazards, a military application requires durable heavy duty doors that can withstand the environment in which they are installed in. Chem-Pruf heavy duty fiberglass doors enlist such features as superior molded-in gelcoat finish, seamless construction and large missile impact certification.  

A few examples of Military applications include:

  • Naval Dockyards and Air Stations
  • CoastGuard Academy and Support Centers
  • Military Research & Testing Facilities
  • Naval Hopitals
  • Military Technical Training Centers
  • Military Barracks


Why Chem-Pruf FRP Doors & Products?

  • Superior 25 mil molded-in gel coat finish for superior strength and dependability
  • All Storm Door models meet or exceed the standards set for large missile impact     
  • Multiple certifications, including UL fire rated and STC rated
  • Will never rust or corrode
  • Most steel doors are only guaranteed for up to 18 months, Chem-Pruf doors are guaranteed for life against corrosion!
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