Laboratory facilities provide areas for scientific research, experiments, measurements, medical testing, and even scientific education. The facilities need to be clean from contaminants and have surfaces that are hygienic and cleanable with harsh chemicals. Chem-Pruf FRP door and frames are resistant to cleaning compounds such as Clidox, Alcadex, Quatricide, and Clordate. Standard seamless construction eliminates crevices, gaps, seams and other areas where potential bacterial buildup can occur.   

A few examples of types of Laboratories include:

  • Vivarium Laboratories
  • Drug Manufacturing Facilities
  • Research & Development Centers
  • Bio Containment Medical Facilities
  • Clean Rooms
  • Hospital labs
  • Autoclave areas
  • Air Lock Chambers


Why Chem-Pruf FRP Doors & Products?

  • Hygienic Design with no seams for bacteria growth
  • Chem-Pruf’s solid frame eliminates voids or cavities that could allow contamination between the wall and frame
  • High gloss molded in gelcoat does not harbor bacteria, spores, or fungus
  • FDA accepted
  • Complies with NIH standards
  • STC rated and UL rated doors are available
  • Compatible with concealed and electronic hardware
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